What Is best for storing your opened food? Which? magazine tested wax wraps vs eco cling film vs recycled foil

What Is best for storing your opened food?  Which? magazine tested wax wraps vs eco cling film vs recycled foil

Sustainability can feel overwhelming and is a massive barrier for people to embrace the changes needed into their lives. The good news is that small changes have a big impact. If just a tiny change is made often, say weekly, then in a matter of months the journey to sustainability is a welcome part of life.

A really simple swap is cutting out cling film & foil and replacing it with reusable wax wraps. The Which? magazine made wax wraps the clear winner. Food will stay fresh significantly longer resulting in tastier dinner times, less food waste and less single-use cling film and foil.

Keep Food Fresher With Wax Wraps

Every year the UK uses enough cling film to wrap around the world 30 times. It then goes into landfill or incinerated. Not only can you eliminate cling film, but you will also save on food waste because a wax wrap will keep food fresher for significantly longer. Ideally, if food is wasted then it ends up in the compost, but more often than not it ends up in our black bins and then landfill where it will ultimately release methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere.

The Heart & Compass offer colourful vegan wax wraps. From Thursday 28th April 2022 to Saturday 30th April 2022, vegan wax wraps are available at a 'too good to miss' 50 percent off whilst stocks last. The offer price is limited to two vegan wax wraps per household.

Sizes are medium, large and x-large.

Medium Wax Wrap No Beeswax   Large Wax Wrap No Beeswax  

"These wraps are absolutely fantastic. Perfect for wrapping your sandwiches and keeping bread, cheese and vegetables fresh for ages. Since I bought my first, smaller size Waxyz, they have also helped change my habits - I now use a container for meat and fish instead of reaching for the clingfilm (you can’t use Waxyz for them). I’ve been using my bread machine again during lockdown so the larger size is perfect for keeping it fresh. What I particularly like most about this product is that, unlike beeswax, you don’t get sticky residue on your hands when you wash them." - ANNA S

Extra Large Wax Wrap No Beeswax

"Waxyz are the best reuseable wrap product I’ve tried! No smell, no residue, perfect for cheese and I use them all the time for half a tomato! I have several in the house which I’ve used for over a year. I look after them, follow the washing instructions and they are good to use over and over. Quit using cling film, and other plastic wraps and switch to Waxyz! You honestly won’t be disappointed!" - ANNIE B



Can’t find the right sized container?

Fold a quick little origami pouch then pop in your strawberries with no worries.  This also works really well for separating up lunch boxes! Feeling ambitious and you might want to try an origami box or a posh pouch.

Create an Origamy Pouch with a Wax Wrap

Sharing the popcorn or sweets?

Quickly make a scoop each out of a wrap and everyone has their own.

Wax Wrap Pouch

Lost the lid?

Just whip out a wrap and fold it over the container.

Store Tomatoes in a Wax Wrap

Picking flowers or wanting to give someone a prettier and functional gift?

Grab a large wrap and try your hand at flower arrangement, wrapping up your bouquet with something eco-friendly and multi-use.

Beautiful Presentation of Vegetables

Trying to fill up your seed and bean jars with loose bought goodies but spilling more that you catch?

Make a funnel out of your wrap to decrease spilling potential!

Taking the dog for a walk?

Pop a few treats in a wrap and keep them safe in your pocket.


Waxyz wraps are the perfect way to wrap our Faith In Nature soap and shampoo bars, or even your damp Body Loofah. Wrap them up and pop them straight in the suitcase.

Travelling? Wrap the Soap in a Wax Wrap

How do Waxyz wraps work?

Waxyz easily stick to themselves or other things whilst allowing your food to breath and keeping it fresher longer. They are perfect for cheese, fruit, vegetables, bread, baked goods, herbs, fermented foods such as kombucha, kefir, rising doughs and keeping anything else you want to use them for nice and fresh!

Can I use my Waxyz wrap on all foods?

We don’t recommend you use your Waxyz wraps with pineapples or raw meat or fish.

What are Waxyz wraps made of?

Our Waxyz wraps are made of organic cotton coated with a unique blend of food friendly waxes. They are Vegan friendly too.

Where are Waxyz wraps made?

Waxyz wraps are made from certified organic cotton which is sourced in India, printed in Bradford and wax coated in Dundee in Scotland.

How do I take care of my Waxyz wraps ?

Simply wash your Waxyz wraps with mild washing up liquid and lukewarm water. A top tip is to then rinse them under a cold tap to keep them nice and crisp, then allow  to dry naturally. You can store your wrap in a drawer or on the counter, we recommend you roll them rather than fold them to reduce the creases. 

Can I put my Waxyz wraps in the microwave?

Waxyz wraps cannot be used in the microwave.

How long will my Waxyz wraps last for?

The wax is impregnated through the cotton so it does not crumble or crack off like a Beeswax wrap. With a little love Waxyz wraps will at least a year or more, just be careful that the water is not too hot when you wash them and remember to rinse them under the cold tap.

How do I dispose of my Waxyz wraps?

When your Waxyz wraps comes to an end of their life you Can cut it into pieces and recycle it in your compost where it will breakdown naturally or you can cut it up and use it as a firefighter for your wood burning stove or on your BBQ. 

Do Waxyz wraps smell?

No. Unlike Beeswax wraps Waxyz have no smell. They keep smells in, for example if you wrap half an onion your fridge will not smell, but they do not taint with the smell for future use.

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