Switch out paper towels & switch in reusable fabric towels …

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Switch out paper towels  & switch in reusable fabric towels  …

My journey of making those conscious decisions in the world of living sustainably has lead me to switching out paper towels and switching in reusable fabric towels.  Like many people I have learnt to leave the house with my fabric shopping bags, my reusable water bottle, I no longer buy single use plastic water bottles.


But one of the habits that I have found the most difficult to create is to move away from using paper kitchen roll.  I suppose it is the ease that you can grab a few squares of kitchen roll mop up whatever you have spilt and then just throw the paper in the bin.  It’s easy convenient and you don’t have to think about it.


So I have had to think differently to avoid wiping up grease I now tip leftover oil into a jam jar, then once it is cooled and hardened it can be scraped into the food waste.  I have three different sets of reusable fabric towels all for different purposes, some for wiping the table, others for mopping up spillages. 

The ones I use are supplied by Tina at the wonderful Ginger Green Company, the sheets attach with poppers around my kitchen roll holder.  They come in a lovely array of fabrics and can be purchased at the Heart & Compass.  They can be washed at 40 degrees and dried outside in the Spring sunshine. 

It makes me feel very eco-friendly doing this one change and it’s kind to the planet too!

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July 02, 2022

I have switched to these, they are surprisingly highly absorbent, easy to wash and dry and look pretty. £15 for my first roll seemed expensive however I haven’t bought kitchen roll since and never will thus it has been an excellent purchase all round.

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